Australian Heavy Recovery Specialists


Australian Heavy Recovery Specialists have vast experience gained over the past 30 years, recovering all types of equipment in all sorts of situations. We operate in all areas of South East Queensland,  with recovery equipment for every situation relating to Boats, Mining Heavy Equipment or Salvage.

Australian Heavy Recovery Specialists


Mining, Marine, Aircraft & All Heavy Recovery/Towing or Relocation Needs

Australian Heavy Recovery Specialists are quickly able to access what is required and organize the equipment and materials locally to get your job done – minimizing downtime for the equipment, getting your business up and running again. Whatever your situation we can help –  we recover equipment that is submerged in thick mud, underwater or down steep embankments. We have done it all!


We guarantee 100% confidentiality as to the circumstances around all recovery work requiring our recovery skills.



Dragline Recovery

We have broad experience in the recovery of mining equipment, no job is too big. Even the recovery of an 8,000+ tonne Dragline in trouble is something we can handle. You can count on our experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently, on time, saving serious down time and assets.

Excavator Recovery

Excavator recovery interestingly is in demand, from slips into dams or down steep ditches to completely bogged and even totally submerged. We get machines out promptly and efficiently so the asset can be repaired and get back on the job asap.

Dozer Recovery

We have experience in recovering dozers in many awkward situations. The one featured in the images involved bringing in divers to disconnect final drives, then connect chains so the D8 Dozer could be dragged out from its position totally submerged in the tailings dam.



Australian Heavy Recovery Specialists have had extensive experience utilizing their tow truck and recovery services to recover boats. We have recovered and towed boats, yachts, house boats and more...


Australian Heavy Recovery Specialists recover planes in any circumstance. No matter if its in the middle of dense bush, a paddock, or in the water...


Australian Heavy Recovery Specialists have had extensive experience in recovering trucks. Our truck towing service has recovered trucks that have simply run off the road into a ditch ...


Australian Heavy Reoccur towing very Specialists are available for car towing, salvage and/or recovery of cars from anywhere – anytime...


Australian Heavy Recovery Specialists are fully equipped with heavy tow trucks to safely and efficiently recover your machinery from any situation...