Truck Towing Service

Australian Heavy Recovery Specialists have had extensive experience in recovering trucks. Our truck towing service has recovered trucks that have simply run off the road into a ditch, as well as trucks that have run off the road due to a driver avoiding a collision or from falling asleep at the wheel and ended up deep in the bush or worse, rolled over. We have also attended accidents involving trucks to provide roadside assistance, recover trucks, remove debris and restore the road to working order as quickly as possible.

truck towing serviceWe will ensure that the clean up and recovery of the vehicle is handled quickly along with the recovery of any load the truck was carrying.

Australian Heavy Recovery Specialists’ experience means that with a few quick phone calls we can have the equipment at the scene and ready to get the job done.

Timely attendance, recovery and clean up is always of maximum importance to clear the road and avoid any further accidents or problems. That’s what we offer: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Below are photos of just some of the truck recovery jobs Australian Heavy Recovery Specialists has done recently.
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