Yacht Recovery on the Mooloolah River

Yacht Recovery on the Moolooah RiverIt all started with an early morning call from the insurance company  for an immediate yacht recovery.

An 8 metre  fibreglass yacht  was stranded in the Mooloolah River. 

We were able to respond smartly collecting all of our recovery gear, including wet suits, high volume pumps, spare outboard motor, work platform and headed to the scene.

Having quickly accessed the situation we worked with the tide and utilising the pumps and a bit of know how were able to pump the water out and with a bit of manoeuvring  were able to re-float the yacht.

Again using the tide to work in our favour and using  our motor we managed to navigate to deeper water and travel to the marina.

Back at the marina we  lifted her out of the water, lowered the mast, dismantled the rigging  and loaded her onto our own boat stand ready for transporting back to our boat storage.  Once stored we then liaised with the yacht owner to gain access so he could start the process of drying  out his gear.

Another successful recovery,  all part of a days work.

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